Sitemap - 2021 - The Conscious Politics Op-Ed

'Tis the Season

Summit for Democracy, Conscious Politics Edition

News Stories Unworthy of My Time and Energy

What If It Really Is All About Race?

A Healthy Planet and Racial Equity -- Together at Last

This Is the Thing About Political (and All) Trust

What If "Democratic Disarray" Was a Feature, Not a Bug

I'm Just Asking Questions

From Occupy Wall Street to the Great Resignation: The New Consciousness Percolates

Taking a Peek at Some New Electoral Energy

The Moral Bankruptcy of Facebook: It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Let's Turn the Feckless Democratic Party Into a Conscious One and Win Some Elections

This Is Why I Believe We're Making Real Progress on Homelessness

What, Exactly, Are You Protesting?


Compassion-Infused Policymaking

Breaking a Streak


Wait! I'm More Conservative than Dick Cheney?

The Conscious Politics Wednesday Audio Addition

Agonize Over the State of Affairs Or Do This Counterintuitive Thing Instead

Simone Biles, Sports, and the Future of Competition

The Folly and the Brilliance of Cancel Culture

Cuba Not Cuba

The Conscious Politics Wednesday Audio Addition

America Is a Lying Sack

A Sure-Fire Way for Democrats to Dominate While Republicans Become Anti-Democratic

It's Not Just Me, People! Here's A New Book About the New Consciousness

The Conscious Politics Wednesday Audio Addition

Conscious President Speaks: Civics Edition

A Personal Note

The Elephant in the Room

Political Self-Care

The Conscious Politics Wednesday Audio Addition

This Is Not a Criticism of a Black Criticism

Identity. And Politics.

The Conscious Politics Wednesday Audio Addition

No! Not the Israeli-Palestinian Thing Unless, What Now?

The Politics of Me/The Politics of We

The Conscious Politics Wednesday Audio Addition

“Please Give Me Just One Chance to Show the World, Man, Like I Can Be Somebody.” — Brett Jones

Everything Means What We Make It Mean

Afghanistan. Simple.

Hello from the Heart of the Chauvin Trial

Will There Always Be Poor Among Us?

When We Tolerate Poverty

Beliefs Matter

What Spending Our Trillions On Tells Us About Who We Are

We Have to Talk About Taking Responsibility (ugh) and Cultivating Authentic Power (yay)

The Is

The Conversation About Privilege We're Not Having

Watching Impeachment 2 -- From the Bleachers

For Anyone Who Likes a Little Compassion with Their Gender Politics

Six Months of The Conscious Politics Sunday Newsletter

What's Beyond Our American Denial?

Let's Play Find-the-New-Consciousness!

The Enemy Within

Incensed. Now what?

To Be Conscious: An Invitation