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The Approach

This Newsletter is Commentary and Opinion, like an Op-Ed in the paper.

What makes this approach “conscious” are these 15 ancient, universal concepts:

Be Compassionate • Beliefs Matter • Be Present • Choices Abound • Everything Is Energy • Have an Attitude of Gratitude • Intentions Matter • Judgments Separate Us • Listen to Inspiration • Mind and Body Are Connected • Take Responsibility • The Law of Attraction Is Always On • We Are All Connected • We Are Here for a Reason • We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

They form a lens through which any Newsletter topic will be addressed. One of them, as you see, is beliefs matter and several of them are beliefs in and of themselves. I do not teach these concepts (there are teachers galore for all of them) nor do I ever attempt to convince anyone of their value or efficacy. It all starts from a place of alignment with these concepts. If that alignment is felt by you, I feel sure you will appreciate the Newsletter. Time will tell. :)

If you’re new to me and my work, you’ll see, over time, what excellent tools these concepts are for practicing living consciously as a human. You’ll start to appreciate how different thoughts, ideas, situations, and circumstances look through this lens and you will definitely become better at living by these concepts in your own life.

The Plan

The plan is simple: provide The Conscious Politics Op-Ed for free forever. As readership grows, invite readers to subscribe, just like at National Public Radio (NPR): many will listen, some will pledge support with dollars.

The Writer

That would be me, Steven Morrison. I’m a former psychotherapist, creator of Spiritual Workout® and founder of The Consciousness Company. As such I work with individuals in the realm of personal/spiritual growth and development by facilitating live online classes and private sessions. I work with entrepreneurs, businesspeople, teams, companies, candidates, campaigns, and organizations by consulting and training. As an entrepreneur myself, it’s tremendously gratifying to do this all based on work I created and purvey.

I happen to believe we are living in a dynamic and exciting time and I want to do my part to help us feel good and comfortable with the state of current affairs. Yes, I do believe it’s possible. :)

The Reader (You)

If nobody is reading, there’s little point in writing so thank you for being here; thank you for your interest in this subject. It’s a symbiotic relationship we will have with this Newsletter, so long as you’re willing to engage — at least a little bit. Use the comments section. Please! You have the power. Let me know you’ve read a piece, what your thoughts and reactions are, what questions you have, and/or what other topics you’d like to see addressed. It doesn’t take much to encourage me, you’ll see.

Mostly, I want to know who my readers are so please don’t be too shy.

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