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Perfectly said, Steven.

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We also vote with our wallets. Consider where your tax dollars are going what what they are funding and if you do t like it, call your elected representatives. Calling your elected representatives is a privilege of being American, and carries the most possible weight…even more than writing a letter these days, but by all means, in addition to calling write that letter. Write and email. Let the people who are representing you understand your intentions and desires. Also vote. And during the two years between votes, practice accountability, both yours and theirs.

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I am grateful for shedding my non-serving belief that since I "don't like politicians", "politics isn't for me". I, too, am an opinionated Yankee who is grateful for strong leaders like Steven in my life who helped me dump my non-serving belief system so that I could become an active voter and fund raiser for causes that mean everything to me. There is more work to do (thank goodness bc we'd be so bored otherwise) but I am grateful for where we are today. And for Steven. Conscious Politics newsletters. Spiritual Workouts. Being inspired to be and do more. And for ice cream.

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