To the barricades! (non-violently, of course!!!)

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Well said

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I watched this for one night. That was about all I could take of this one sided “MADE FOR TV” presentation. Not ONE person on that Jan 6th committee was in defense of Trump. How is that fair in any American law book?


1) Why don’t they show ALL of Trump’s original speech at the Capital that day? If the actual evidence is shown, it will easily be seen that Trump didn’t cause the riots that day.

2) Why did they not only NOT show all of Trump’s actual speech, but then take sentences out of other speeches and play them as if it was part of this speech?

3) Why have they been slicing and dicing Trump speeches ever since he decided to run in 2015?

4) Why don’t they show the Capital police opening the doors and letting people in?

5) Why don’t they show the many hours of video from other’s cell phones that identify undercover CIA and FBI agents causing these riots?

6) Why did all of those people show up at the Capital in the first place???

I will tell you why…

What is the likelyhood that all of a sudden at midnight EST they would close down all of the vote counting for the first time in US history when Trump was ahead… and then magically the next morning votes are counted with Biden WAY ahead? … Then we find out that the vote counting DIDN’T stop (LOL). We see videos of people pulling votes out from under counters,(after the voting was supposed to be closed down) putting the same votes through the counting machines multiple times. … We find out that in some counties more people voted than were registered and even people who were DEAD voted... all for Biden of course. We also found out that the voting machines ARE connected to the internet and can change the voting results.

How many people actually ever show up to listen to a Biden speech? Look at those statistics. Then LOOK at how many people show up at Trump rallies or listen to his speeches on TV. Hmmm? Ever wonder how Biden, who hardly even campaigned, or drew any kind of a crowd at all when he did, got more votes than any President in history???? <—— Really?

You know WHY so many are listening to Trump? … I know you don’t but I will tell you anyway:

• He is correct about exposing the “unelected swamp” of government groups with three letter acronyms that run this country that are totally paid off by big business, big pharma and pretty much do whatever they want despite what happens in Congress.

• He is correct when he talks about how the only way most politicians get elected is by cow-towing to the huge corporate interests that contribute to the super PACs. (I know this because that is how politicians in Indiana mostly get elected with the backing of Ely Lilly.) They give great speeches to get elected and then do whatever the super PAC tells them to do. How is that “government for We The People”?

• He is correct when he talks about how our educational systems have been corrupted and set up so that most students (unless they have wealthy parents that can afford tutors) fail. They don’t teach critical thinking OR the ability to get out and SURVIVE and thrive in the real world. They have become factories to make low level, low wage workers that don’t have the skills to demand higher pay.

• He is correct when he talks about how fake the Democrats (currently) are when they push for high minimum wages, yet keep the Southern border open so they can find workers who are willing to work for WAY below those wages.

• He is correct when he points out the the "Free Trade Agreement" did nothing but take jobs away from Americans, and add profits to the bottom line of the big corporate interests by using very cheap slave labor in China (and elsewhere) to manufacture products that used to be MADE IN AMERICA.

• He is correct when he talks about how it costs three to ten times MORE to run any government program than it does to run the same program in the public sector.

• He is correct when he points out the fact that we have corrupt people in politics who are being bribed on the side (like the Bidens, Pelosi, McConnell, the Clintons, the Bushes… etc) via their families who suddenly get HUGE amounts of money for no actual reason.

• He is correct when he point out how easy it is to keep America OUT of expensive wars by being in better communication with it’s enemies and working with them instead of threatening them so that the Military Industrial Complex and big bankers can keep us continually warring with each other.

• He is correct when he points out that America has the most expensive healthcare in the world because it is run by Big Pharma that doesn’t allow for alternative methods that actually DO work better.

I could go on and on and on… (as you well know)

So what has Biden been right about?

• The economy?

• Crime?

• Energy?

• Stopping the building of the wall along the Southern Border and allowing millions more undocumented aliens come in illegally ?

• Losing billions of dollars of equipment and (who knows how many) lives, getting us out of Afghanistan?

• Sending billions over to Ukraine to keep a war going with Russia instead of forcing those two countries into peace talks and not explaining WHY Russia started attacking Ukraine in the first place. (Always TWO sides to every story and we need to hear BOTH SIDES)

• Does he even KNOW what he is talking about half the time?

• Is HE actually the one running the country in the first place???? He has a fake office, reads from a large teleprompter and walks off the stage as if he doesn’t know where he is….

Do you REALLY think this highly edited, made for TV presentation, is going to change the minds of people like me, who have actually listened to what Trump has been saying… instead of the sliced and diced speeches that the main stream media –––––( that happens to be owned by the large corporate interests that HAVE been running this country AND who are responsible for the mess we are in)––––– want for us to see, and believe the fairy tale that “This election was absolutely 100% fair” and that “Biden got more votes than any president elect in the history of America.”

Compare the ratings to this presentation to the amount of people who watched 2000MULEs. Maybe you will get a better idea of which presentation is showing the truth and which one is not.

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