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Good thoughts…but it’s all about the Money.

Competing for advertising,

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Love the concept that you present here. “We The People” desperately NEED news outlets that we can TRUST to present us with TRUTH and FACTS.

More comments on this:

“benefiting from an uninformed, apathetic citizenry, but they are not conscious and they are not democrats, FYI.” <—— That is your reality, but not a fact. You somehow have this idea that the problem lies with Republicans when it is actually BOTH parties that have been participating in spreading false information for years.

“When, for example, Fox News, Democracy Now!, National Review, The Nation, Joe Rogan and Al Franken are all participating, it stands out in a big way when The New York Times and OAN do not. What are they hiding?” <—— Good question!!!

My thoughts exactly. Go to the New York Times, then compare it with the Epoch Times. Two totally DIFFERENT set of “facts” on a daily basis! Both believable, until one checks their “facts” with their own personal reality of what they actually SEE occurring. Who owns and what commercial interests support the New York Times? Who owns and what commercial interests supports the Epoch Times? <—— That is where you will find the answer.

Look at the large corporations that support the news organizations and you will understand why they promote “facts” such as “93% of the people who have died from covid have not been vaccinated” or “Ukraine did nothing to provoke Russia and is totally innocent of any internal corruption”, or “Hunter’s lab top is nothing but a Russian dis-information campaign”… on and on and on… Easy to SEE why such things are promoted as facts just by looking at the commercial interests promoted on those news outlets.

Most of us would love to know what news outlets you trust to give you REAL FACTS instead of bias opinions based on commercial or financial interests.

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OK: couple of things here. Americans are fiercely independent thinkers, and being told what is fact or fiction when it comes to the news of the day? It’s a tough sell, seems to me. Don’t get me wrong: the National Enquirer and it’s equally bizarre sibling publications taught the mainstream media what kinds of stories sell best, and the consciousness that consumes that kind of “news” has been joined by consciousnesses from all the other media political slices because shit seems to sell better than Shinola. So I’m not sure about a ratings system.

The other issue is how to make media sustainable. I know at least one national daily founded precisely to solve the truth in reporting issue more than 100 years ago that has not, in the last 30-40 years or so, been able to retain its paid readership in spite of its continuing commitment to journalistic excellence. Unfortunately a charter like that that doesn’t provide for profit from the profane, but the media generally exists to serve and profit from all levels of consciousness, regardless of how informed those levels may be.

Why don’t we address this issue at the root: providing resources at all levels of consciousness for those who want to learn and practice critical thinking skills? Just my opinion, but doesn’t a “well-informed” citizenry depend on individual practice to seek and find the truth? Clearly many of us don’t know the difference and still religiously shine our shoes with the wrong stuff, but that stuff stinks, and once one learns about the smell or steps in it one begins to learn the difference. How about an Institute for Consciousness and Political Reason (iCRAP)?

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I, for one, am ready to start trusting the news I hear and having that news, all news, be fact so my children don't grow up second-guessing and/or having to prove what they hear, read, see. I'm in.

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