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Love it! I was definitely interested to see what today's article would say about yesterday's news but I'll wait for next week. In the meantime, I love this article for it's new consciousness perspective on "the divide". In discussing the election results and celebrations yesterday with our kids, we both mentioned your exact point about how people who think and behave differently from ourselves are not "bad" people but driven by fear and insecurity. I wonder how that sat with our 7 and 9 year olds but they seemed to at least think about it.

I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe in a united country. I believe in love and the collective good. Now it's time for more intentions, more relief flooded tears, and some much deserved peace after a roller coast four years.

As always, thanks for enlightening and reinforcing how I feel and strive to live my life, Steven. xo

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Hi Steven, Thank you for this! YES! We all need to LOOK at BOTH sides of this. The way I see it we all (or at least most of us) want the same things. Good schools for our children, affordable and excellent healthcare, affordable and safe housing, low crime and to live in a safe place where honest men can prosper, learn and grow.

Most of us have the same goals only with a different vision as to how to achieve those goals. THAT is where the division is occurring.

From my viewpoint it comes down to the original agreements that we had when this amazing country first started. The agreements that caused this country to flourish and prosper in the first place. The agreements that we made then that many of us feel have been violated. Sort of like purchasing a ticket on a bus in NYC headed to California that suddenly changes course mid-way down to Florida without the consent of the passengers.

Any relationship begins with agreements. Relationships with yourself, with family, with business partners, group members, etc. When those agreements are violated chaos ensues every time. Look at anytime you have had a problem with another. Think back to what agreements were violated and you will find the cause for the upset.

Right now we have a situation where many of our leaders in this country have been violating the original Constitutional agreements for a long-long-long time on BOTH sides of this situation. (Read "Secret Empires" to understand how) The news media has been trying to cover it up but it has been getting out through the many other channels. Light is shinning into areas that have never been seen before.

A similar situation occurred in the 1400s when the Gutenberg printing press disseminated Martin Luther’s first hand observations about the Catholic Church’s agreement violations with their loyal followers who joined the Church base on those agreements. Revolutions all over the western world occurred during that time because of the new open communication through the print media that had never existed before.

For too many years those who own our news media have been able to control our thoughts via radio, newspapers and TV and our school systems. When the internet was discovered, once again new communication channels open up shinning light on agreement violations that we were not aware of before. Many of us still want to believe that those that have controlled us in the past have had our best interests in mind. Others are starting to doubt that and the media is fueling the fire on both sides with an incredible amount of false information.

It has been said “know the truth and the truth will set you free”. It is my hope that at some point, the truth will come out and we the American people will be able to move forward together with agreements that suit us all.

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BTW, where ARE you? Sorry I missed you last time you were up in Idyllwild.

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