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I do not consider myself to be a “political” person. In the past I have been so repelled by the arguments, divisiveness and angry vitriol I have seen and heard that I shut out that part of the world completely. But Something told me that perhaps refusing to acknowledge what was happening wasn’t the best choice. Perhaps I could be an agent for change. But how? Steven’s newsletter gives me the answers I need. I still find it hard to believe I actually eagerly look forward to an article with the word “politics “ in its title every week! Because of what I have learned, I no longer feel helpless. I feel empowered. I still am selective about the media I consume, but since I started reading “Conscious Politics” I have even started reading and enjoying other intelligent and insightful articles about politics and current events. If you’d have told me a year or two ago that I would be an online subscriber to The Atlantic or any other news source, I’d have shook my head in disbelief! I believe this change is for the better and it’s all because of reading Steven’s newsletter. He made me feel as if I could make a difference. He gave me a voice.

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1. I have missed being weekly inspired to see politics, current events, and movements in American society thru the conscious lens. I've missed the a-ha moments I get from said insight.

2. Pieces that stuck: racism, negative spin/leading the witness reporting tactics, seeing all political trends and events from the conscious perspective, VOTING.

3. Publish it in the mainstream to create a new conversation with ppl that don't normally take this approach. To inspire all voters to care more and make more of an effort to help stamp out voter suppression.

4. I love hearing Steven's humor in his writing. I love learning new ways to flip the script, new ways to be "political" but my way.

5. I like taking the time on a monday or tuesday to read this article and start off my week thinking fresh and new and shiny, clear.

6. When we all share with a friend after an inspired conversation, we reach more and more like minded ppl (and UNlike minded friends). When we all remember how we were inspired by it, we grant that gift to others by sharing the inspiration with them, as well. Then they remember and share and so on. Let's keep it going!

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