Wow….talk about telling it like it is 😊

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Steven, you really went off the deep end with this one.

One example about McCarthy does not change the fact that Biden and the Dems are the the weak people. No action on crime; no action on the border and Fentanyl; no action on inflation that they caused; no action on CRT in grade school; no action on teaching babies about sex and the deviants; no support on parental control of their children's education.



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Apr 24, 2022·edited Apr 24, 2022

Couldn’t agree with you MORE about McConnell and McCarthy. However they do NOT represent the entire Republican Party as it stands today. They are WHY most people in today’s Republican Party want them GONE! … I would say a very HIGH percent of both long time “Establishment” Republicans and Democrats (with a D) have been compromised for years and still ARE. If Joe Biden isn’t the poster child for “weak”, I don’t know who is.

The idea that Mr. Biden suddenly became the most popular president with the most votes in history is something that too many are taking a serious LOOK AT, and questioning––– despite what the main stream media has been promoting.

Also the idea that Trump, or anybody who supports Trump, is automatically a racist, homophobe, white supremacist, or not inclusive of others is total BS. You would know that if you ever bothered to watch any of his almost weekly live, campaign speeches with thousands of people of all races, genders and beliefs attending. LOOK at the crowd and see for yourself who is there. I have NEVER seen crowds like this for any president or presidential candidate. Ever. Why is that? Could it be that what he has to say is NOT, evil, racist or what MSM would love for you to believe?

As I told you before… I felt the same way as you did until I was literally FORCED to hold my nose and listen to what he actually had to say! He is the ultimate (d) democrat who wants fairness and democracy for all. I was NEVER a registered Republican until I realized what Trump was talking about. I joined because of him, and the movement that he started, as have thousands of others.

P.S. Did you see the chart I started working on last week? I sent you an email with all of the different viewpoints for both of us to fill in.

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Wow. Consciousness doesn't see through a red or blue lens, as far as I know.

Rhayum, the popularity contest that is modern political leadership is only as good as the voters who cast ballots; shame is old-school here, and not a favorable indication of one's level of consciousness. Americans have a Constitutional mandate to support American elected leaders, even when they don't agree with them despise their character flaws or wish them ill, and we get who we get in Washington because our votes measure the collective consciousness of the electorate.

Linda, I haven't been a Republican since the mid-90s b/c of the party's position on abortion. Its level of consciousness about caste systems, the non-binary gender spectrum, and even the misnamed War on Drugs simply guarantee that me and others like me will remain politically homeless, rather than joining the three-wheeled bandwagon of either major party. Far and beyond any personal faults the man may have, Trump's sustained attacks on America's Constitution and representative democracy outweigh anything good that he - or the party that was forced to adopt him in 2014/15 - may have done. Without getting into the details, isn't that also a form of collective LoA at work?

Any acceptance I've got comes from recognizing that, whether they wear blue suits or red ones, the government chosen in a democracy is a product of the least common denominator in the electorate. In my lifetime, I've watched that process from Kennedy to Biden, with a few notable historically good high points (Civil Rights become law, Berlin Wall falls) but generally not in the direction of what I think we all would agree is advancing consciousness.

Therefore, to remain sane, I choose to watch the government as a reflection of the grass roots while I work as a gardener to offer whatever of my talents may help make positive change over many many years.

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Well, as always, thanks for reading, folks! In response to comments I'm seeing here so far, a few thoughts starting with "Thanks, David M!" :)

I was specifically talking here about the weak character of current R officeholders on the federal level and my personal belief that, on the whole, weak character in any of 538 federal officeholders isn't good much less when it's alive and well in most of one of our two major political parties looking, as always, through our conscious politics lens. What any of it has to do with Biden or Harris or CRT or the border or Trump and his rallies is beyond me.

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May 1, 2022Liked by Steven Morrison

This article is really a great big exclamation point.....!!!!! Here we have certain viewpoints put forward, and out comes the blame game.

From recent polling, they are saying that up to 70% of new voters are registering as Independent. Many of us are not as happy as we should be with the political class, but that’s not a reason to pitch democracy for autocracy because the “other side “ is not perfect.........just saying.

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